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‘Tis the season for us to take a moment to offer our very sincere thanks to you for your business, and even more, for trusting us with your pet’s care. We are truly grateful for and honored by the trust you place in us.

We want to help you make this season safe and fun for all of your loved ones, so please enjoy reading some tips below on holiday safety for your furry friends.

We wish you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with joy and a happy New Year!

Your friends at Hart Road Animal Hospital

Most delicious holiday goodies intended for us humans aren’t appropriate to share with our pet friends. Skip the candy, rich, fatty holiday foods, raw and undercooked foods, animal bones, and onions and garlic (especially powders), and instead offer a small amount of lean cooked meat (skip the skin & fat), veggies like carrots, green beans or a bit of sweet potato as a treat. (If your pet is on a special diet, please check with us first!). Keep your pet far away from potentially deadly chocolate and xylitol, found in sugar-free candy, gum, and even some peanut & nut butters.

Extra love, snuggling, and playtime makes both of you happy and has no side effects!

Click here for a list of foods which are potentially toxic for pets.

Celebratory candlelight on a holiday evening is pure magic. Keep flames as far away from pets as possible, monitor your pets very closely around any lit flames, and never let unmonitored flames burn in your home.

Also be mindful of your pet’s access to ornaments, tinsel, ribbon, and decorative lights. Their dangly nature can be irresistible to curious cats and create a tangling, suffocating, choking, or even electrical shock hazard. And let’s face it, most dogs play it fast and loose with their definition of "edible". If it’s there on the floor, it’s fair game as a snack – and foreign object ingestion can result in a trip to the emergency clinic.

Poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe are generally considered mildly to moderately toxic to pets, while some species of lilies are severely toxic – even deadly – to cats. Best to err on the side of caution and use faux versions of these Yuletide plants around pets.

Click here for a list of plants which are potentially toxic for pets.

Pets and cute holiday garb go together like snowflakes and sleighs. Holiday costumes and clothing should be safe and comfortable, with no vision restrictions or dangerous dangly bits. Most importantly, keep in mind that not all pets enjoy being dressed up, so consider your pet’s personality and reaction to costumes and clothing before playing dress-up.
The busy hub-bub of the holidays can at times be a bit overwhelming for sensitive and older pets, so be sure yours has a comfy and quiet corner (or even better, room) for rest and recharging when a break is needed. Also make sure your pet’s identification is up to date, in case arriving and departing guests result in an escapee pet.
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