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Fall is in the air! While we get back in the swing of things for fall, be sure to be an “A student” when it comes to your pet’s health. Whether it’s keeping the Halloween candy far away from Fido, making some more laser pointer time for kitty now that the kids are back in school, or getting a new soft bed for a senior’s achy joints, your pet will surely appreciate the extra consideration. We hope this newsletter will help you keep your pet happy and healthy this fall.We’re here to work with you to keep your pet healthy, so please reach out to us anytime you have questions or concerns about your pet. Wishing you and your animal friends a happy and fun fall season!Sincerely,

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Halloween is almost here, with all of its spooky, hair-raising fun! From costumes and candy to visitors and nighttime excursions, what’s fun for us can hold potential dangers for our pets.
The changing of seasons is a great time to evaluate your pet’s overall comfort, regardless ofage. Pets are expert at hiding signs of pain from us, so get ready to think like a pet!
Keep your best feline friend healthy with proper nutrition and activity, an enriched environment at home, lots of attention, and of course regular visits to us for preventive care.
Nowadays pets are living longer than ever before, which is great news for pet lovers! But as our sweet old senior friends age, they need just a bit more attention and consideration to keep them feeling great. Regular preventive veterinary care and wellness monitoring, good nutrition, fun activities, a few extra creature comforts, and paying attention to physical and behavioral changes are key.
Pssst! Don’t have a darling, doting senior pet friend of your own? Never fear; November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! Click here to learn why seniors make wonderful pets.
Excessive thirst and appetite, lethargy, weight loss, and frequent urination should be considered red flags for diabetes mellitus in pets. Fortunately, diabetic pets can live long, happy lives with veterinary care and careful monitoring.
Obesity affects pets as much as it does humans, causing joint problems, diabetes mellitus, respiratory compromise, and even decreased life span. Unfortunately, more and more pets are becoming obese, despite the risks.
If your pet could afford to lose a few pounds, be sure to check outthese great tools for pet weight loss!
Who doesn’t love knowing they’ve saved a homeless animal? It’s a completely natural feeling, and good Samaritans for animals are truly wonderful. The trouble is, many pets may appear to be stray (and homeless), when they have loving homes and have simply lost their way.
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