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Fall is in the air! The changing of seasons brings cooler air, shorter days, and a “back to business” mindset, but don’t let that ruin fun with your pet! Just keep some simple pet health guidelines in mind and you and your best animal friend can enjoy this fall together. Whether it’s going for a walk earlier in the evening while there’s still light, leaving some extra toys out for kitty now that the kids are back in school, or getting a new soft bed for a senior’s achy joints, your pet will surely benefit from the extra consideration. We hope this newsletter will help you keep your pet happy and healthy this fall!

We’re here to work with you to keep your pet healthy, so please reach out to us anytime you have questions or concerns about your pet. Wishing you and your animal friends a happy and fun fall season!


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Thanks to improved nutrition and medical care our pets are living longer than ever! Having a keen eye for physical and behavioral changes will also help keep your aging pet feeling great. A trip to the vet is often just the beginning of the healing

process for sick pets, one that continues at home with

prescribed medications. But what if your pet refuses to take them?

Eyes are deceptively complex. They may look like simple

marbles, but there’s a lot going on in there and a lot that can go wrong. Sometimes, one

problem can even lead directly

to another.

Halloween is a fun holiday for us humans, so it’s natural for us to want to include our pets in the celebration. But Halloween can be a pretty scary night for our pet companions!

The doorbell rings far too often and is usually accompanied by excited and loud small people darting around and keeping doors held open, pet costumes are rarely designed for comfort, the parties tend to be high energy, noisy affairs, heck – even the candy and decorations can hold dangers. With all of these spooky happenings, even the bravest of pet souls may find

Halloween a bit frightening, so it’s important to keep your pet’s peace of mind, health, and safety in mind when planning for the holiday.

We all know cats can be finicky about food, but getting them to drink enough water can be a challenge, too. Insufficient water intake can lead to a whole host of physical ailments, but a few simple steps can help keep your cat hydrated and healthy.
As medical uses for cannabinoids are being explored and more states legalize medical and even recreational marijuana, exposure of pets to THC has increased dramatically, particularly in dogs. Open communication between owners and their veterinarian is key to helping exposed pets.
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