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Fall 2014 Newsletter

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Feline Enrichment

If you are a fan of the popular Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell” starring Jackson Galaxy you are familiar with the essence of “catification” of your human home. The concept is used to help resolve unacceptable behavior that cats have developed in response to a particular situation. This issue has also become […]

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Pet Insurance

Veterinary care has become much more advanced now than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Pets are living longer and we are able to diagnose and treat many more diseases than ever before. With that advanced care comes higher costs. For example, surgery for a broken leg may cost up to 5,000 dollars depending […]

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Cats, Carriers and Vets

Tips on making it easier to get your cat to the vet Many cats are fearful of car rides and veterinary visits, which makes it harder for us to give them good medical care. It also makes it difficult for cat owners to decide to take their nervous cats to the veterinarian for routine […]

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Is Anesthesia Safe?

Veterinarians anesthetize animals on a daily basis. At least once per week in any clinic, a pet owner expresses concern about anesthesia: Is it safe? Will my pet survive the procedure? Modern anesthesia is very safe. The risk of a pet dying under anesthesia is less than 1%. The rare patients that are lost […]

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Dental Care

Our dentistry services include full ultrasonic scaling of teeth, treatment for periodontal disease, Oravet barrier sealant, and extractions and/or radiographs as needed. After treatment we discuss preventative maintenance techniques to help reduce the advancement of dental disease in your pet.
Dental disease is painful! Luckily, it is preventable. 80% of pets over the age of […]

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Weight Management

Pets with good body condition experience fewer diseases and live longer, more comfortable lives. We can help you achieve an ideal weight for your pet with individualized diet and exercise plans.
We can advise you on the ideal weight for your pet. Generally, both dogs and cats should have a slight waist behind the ribs […]

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Our policy is to minimize vaccines to only those needed for your pet. We provide protection based on an individualized assessment of life style and medical history.
Vaccinating your pet against commonly transmitted diseases can reduce the risk of infection, leading to a long and healthy life for your cherished family member. Puppies and kittens […]

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Spaying and Neutering

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?
Everyone knows how cute puppies and kittens are, but did you know that there are numerous benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered?
Male dogs and cats are neutered. This surgery removes the testicles through a skin incision. Pain medication is given at the time of surgery […]

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Cat Scratching

Cat behavior naturally includes scratching. This is important for keeping their claws in shape, allowing them to shed old upper layers of their claws, leaving behind healthy nails. Scratching also serves as a territorial marking Behavior. There is some thought that cats are more likely to mark their territory with their urine when they […]

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