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Includes xrays, extractions, injections and medications to go home if needed. Does not include pre-anesthetic labwork.

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In fact, dental health is so important it can even help keep your pet in your favorite spot, by your side, for years to come. You see, poor dental health affects much more than just your pet’s mouth. The mouth is a gateway of sorts to the rest of your pet’s body, so any infection there can actually invade the bloodstream and damage internal organs as a result. That’s why dental care is one of the best ways you can help keep your best friend healthy over the years.
Yikes, right? But no need to panic, because we have great news: dental disease is treatable and preventable, and it all starts here, with us. Dental disease can be easy to miss at home. Your pet may exhibit some symptoms (like bad breath), but because pets are great at hiding signs of illness and going about their business despite discomfort or illness, you may see no signs of dental disease at all. We’ll evaluate your pet for dental disease and recommend a treatment plan.

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Dental care at home – ask us for the best option for your pet!
Regular dental evaluations by us
Professional dental cleanings as recommended
Not sure where to start with your pet’s dental health? We’re here to help. Call us and we’ll work with you to help you brush up on your pet’s health with dental care!

Click here to learn more about how proper dental care benefits your pet’s overall health.


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